Pottery: The Cultural Heritage of Șișești - European Cooperation Day
Sep 21

Pottery: The Cultural Heritage of Șișești

Șișești, Mehedinți County, România
21 Sep - 21 Sep
11:00 - 15:00

In recent years the Interreg-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme, financed by the European Union, has provided solutions to important challenges in the Romanian-Serbian border area. Our projects improved labour mobility, social and cultural inclusion, sustainable use of natural resources and the transport infrastructure in the border area.

European Cooperation Day celebrates the results of the Romanian-Serbian cross-border projects implemented for the benefit of all citizens. Since 2012, the Interreg-IPA CBC Romania-Serbia Programme joined this initiative, organizing festive events, both in Romania, in Timisoara, Resita, Dr.Tr. Severin and Oravita, as well as in Serbia, in Vrsac, Veliko Gradiste, Kikinda and Zrenjanin.

On the 21st of September 2021, we are organizing an event to contribute to the socio-cultural development of Șișești commune, in Mehedinți county, Romania. A limited number of guests, specialists in culture, tourism, but also representatives of public authorities from Romania and Serbia will deliver a local development plan, by promoting the pottery specific to the Șișești area. Valuing the local entrepreneurial spirit, supported by the actions of the public administration for the local and cross-border development we aim to highlight the human and the local touristic resources.

Through three practical workshops, the invited participants will discover the importance of pottery in the local culture, but also the tourist attractions of the area through cycling and walking.

The organization of the event is directly influenced by the decisions of public authorities on the type of activities allowed to be organized and the number of people who can participate in such events, and we will proceed accordingly.