R2C project joins the EC Day celebration: Reviving identity of river communities (Novi Sad, RS) - European Cooperation Day
Sep 24

R2C project joins the EC Day celebration: Reviving identity of river communities (Novi Sad, RS)

Novi Sad
24 Sep - 26 Sep
17:00 - 22:00

Once again, under the umbrella of the EC Day celebration, the Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary – Serbia programme would like to present a long-term and sustainable partnership between cultural operators from both sides of the border: Cinema City and Kulturnova associations from Serbia, as well as Cinéma-TheARTre Foundation and DDTG Danube Development Transnational Group from Hungary, bring us the nice R2C (Rivers2Communities) project. Packed with literature, music events, networking and workshops, this project aims to strengthen the cooperation between contemporary cultural and creative scenes, by enhancing professional competencies, artistic production and transfer of knowledge between young cultural managers and artists.
Location- and enviromental-wise, Tisa and Danube rivers will be in the focus of this project, by bringing cultural events to their banks.

Please check bellow the detailed program for the period between Sept 24th and Oct 1st, 2021.

R2C program, Sept/Oct 2021:

TAKT festival, Novi Sad
Friday, September 24th @ 17:10 CET  – Rowing for Europe, film screening
Saturday, September 25th @ 18:40 CET – Workshop “Audio recording tips and basic acoustic experiences. Not just for home-recording musicians!” by Dávid Tamás Pap (PrePost Records)
Saturday, September 25th @ 22:10 CET  – Concert: Viktória Salgó
Sunday, September 26th @ 17:30 CET  – literature event
Sunday, September 26th @ 23:00 CET – Concert: Möbius

Grand Café, Szeged
“Literature Disco Festival” (Irodalmi Diszkó fesztivál)
Thursday, September 30th @ 16:00 CET
16:00 // Szvoren Edina & Szilágyi Zsófia
17:30 // Havasréti József & Virág Zoltán
19:00 // Lanczkor Gábor & Ana Ristović (Serbia) & Orcsik Roland
21:00 // Writter as DJ’s
Friday, October 1st @ 16:00 CET
16:00 // Pál-Sándor Attila & Borbíró Aletta
17:30 // Kiss Tibor Noé & Lengyel Zoltán
19:00 // Bencsik Orsolya & Dragoslava Barzut (Serbia) & Kormányos Ákos
21:00 // Concerts of Muzsik & Volkova
22:30 // DJ tze tze