Projects without Borders, Romania- Ukraine - European Cooperation Day
Sep 28

Projects without Borders, Romania- Ukraine

Izmail, Ukraine
28 Sep

This year EC Day celebration will include 9 local events under the name of “Projects without Borders, Romania- Ukraine”, one in each region from the Programme area, during September, 21st and October, 15th.

The cooperation brunches will bring together journalists and projects, facilitating the promotion of the Programme through projects results. During the brunches, the journalists will be invited to have a “taste” of the cooperation projects from each area, find out more about the importance of cooperation across borders and the involvement of the Romania – Ukraine Programme in the life of people in the eligible area. Also ENI CBC Romania -Ukraine Programme will promote the importance of European Cooperation Day to the general public through online and radio commercials.

The local events will take place in Romania, in Suceava, Botoșani, Tulcea, Baia Mare, Satu Mare and in Ukraine, in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattya, Izmail.

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