Internet Marketing Tools without Borders - European Cooperation Day
Oct 08

Internet Marketing Tools without Borders

Čakovec, Croatia
08 Oct - 08 Oct
09:00 - 13:00

Students’ schedules are usually crammed with various activities which makes effective time-planning a crucial skill. At the same time, it is very important they continuously work on their personal development and broaden their knowledge. Balancing a fine line between invested time and learning outcomes is essential.

One of the areas which can be applied almost universally in many different lines of work is internet marketing. This is why this European Cooperation Day, the partners of IC4HEDS project are celebrating by bringing the topic closer to students through a a workshop entitled INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS – INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE.

The workshop is intended for students interested in learning about this ever-developing and highly useful area and will guide the participants in the process of opening and managing Facebook Business Manager account and Google Ads account – powerful and one of the most popular advertising platforms. Students who will be participating for the first time will be introduced to internet marketing in general so they can keep up as well.