HU-HR Cross-border Workshops on Sustainable Energy - European Cooperation Day
Oct 05

HU-HR Cross-border Workshops on Sustainable Energy

Lenti, Hungary
05 Oct

Sustainable energy and climate change consequences mitigation are burning issues of the developed world and issues that do not know borders as we all share the planet we live on. In the region shared by Croatia and Hungary it is also recognized as a reality and challenge that has to be faced jointly and with well-thought out long-term strategic approach.

This European Cooperation Day the locals in Međimurje and Zala Counties are therefore invited to take part in several workshops organised to raise capacity and exchange experiences and showcase examples of the two partner countries in the field of sustainable energy planning and management and climate change mitigation. Energy poverty is another related topic, an ever-more relevant issue in many modern households, equally affecting communities on both sides of the border

The workshops are planned on three occasions in Čakovec and Lenti and will cover a wide range of topics, aimed at raising awareness and offering practical long-term solutions.