Sep 18

European Cooperation: ‘Photo rally’ and musical show

Badajoz, Spain
18 Sep

In 2021, Europan Cooperation Day turns 10, and we want to commemorate it with a live event. 

It will have music and arts and we organize it in collaboration with EUROBEC Eurocity (Badajoz, Elvas, Campomaior).

Each year, Interreg Spain-Portugal Programme joins the European Cooperation Day celebrations, a special date to highlight the achievements of EU’s cohesion policy.

Photo rally

From the 15th, citizens can participate in the photography contest organized by EUROBEC Eurocity.

The objective of this activity is to reflect the daily relationship between the two countries and to reflect cross-border cooperation. Images can show any location of the 3 cities that make up EUROBEC.

There will be 6 prizes and it works as follows: firstly, each participant may present a maximum of 5 photo taken from September 15h to 18th of September.

Secondly, contestants must deliver their photos between 11:00 and 12:00 on September 18.

The Eurocity’s stand will be located on the Paseo de San Francisco de Badajoz, where a music show will also take place.

Musical performance

In addition to this, on Saturday 18, citizens will be able to approach the Eurocity tent. There, they will learn more and have the chance to apply for the Eurocity’s citizen card. Meanwhile, the attendees will enjoy the Eurocity’s anthem in addition to other live songs from both sides of the border.

Interreg Spain-Portugal Programme

Above all, there are hundreds of projects working all along the Spain-Portugal border. Therefore, we want to thank all our partners involved. Specifically, 239 Interreg Spain-Portugal projects in the current 2014-2020 period.

Most importantly, this event is possible thanks to EU Funding. Particularly the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.