"This is Europe": new podcast series launch (online) - European Cooperation Day
Sep 22

“This is Europe”: new podcast series launch (online)

Viborg, Denmark
22 Sep - 22 Sep
10:00 - 10:30

If you have ever wondered how people across Europe are experiencing the results of Interreg projects, this podcast event is for you!

A fresh new series of “This is Europe” is coming out soon. From 22 September, there will be six new episodes released every Wednesday. To celebrate the launch of the first episode we will be speaking with the podcast’s host, academic and broadcaster Shahidha Bari. She will be with us to share her experience making this new series and the insights she got from it about Interreg’s work on the ground. Grab a coffee and join us. We promise it will be fun. The invitation is open to all!

How to participate?

You can follow the event in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR0m5hLo9hs. While waiting for the party, tune in to the 2021 podcast trailer here and subscribe to get the new episodes directly on your device. For any questions, contact Eva Martínez or Linda Talve.