Celebrate the European Cooperation Day with the Poland-Russia Programme! - European Cooperation Day
Sep 11

Celebrate the European Cooperation Day with the Poland-Russia Programme!

Zelenogradsk (Russia), Giżycko (Poland), Szczytno (Poland)
11 Sep - 25 Sep
08:00 - 00:00

Every year, the Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme celebrates the European Cooperation Day, which is an excellent opportunity to promote the results of the cross-border cooperation projects, exchange good practices and reach a wider audience.

On this occasion, the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 together with the Branch Office of the JTS in Kaliningrad, the City Hall in Giżycko and the County Office in Szczytno are pleased to invite you to participate in three bike rides, which will be organised in Zelenogradsk (11 September ), Giżycko (17 September) and Szczytno (25 September).

The first bike ride will take place on the Russian side of the border on the 11th of September. Participants will ride along the cycle path that was constructed  as part of the Large Infrastructure Project ‘CBCycle: Cross-border cycle routes for promotion and sustainable use of cultural heritage’. The bike ride is planned to be held  from Zelenogradsk to Pionersk, and its participants will cover about 20 kilometers. The start and finish points will be announced later, after the confirmation of registration. The organisers will provide transportation of participants and bicycles to the starting point and back to Kaliningrad, lunch, gadgets and, if necessary, bicycles. The registration is open till the 3rd of September by filling in this form: CLICK HERE.

The next bike ride will be held in Giżycko on the 17th of September 2021. As part of this year’s celebration, many attractions have been planned, including a grand opening and a ride/walk on a new section of the walking/cycling path, where new infrastructure was built and a part of the Carnot Wall was renovated. All those activities were part of the project ‘Giżycko and SoVeTSk –  cooperation for the development of the preservation of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border area’. During the event, many attractions will be provided, such as a barbecue and commemorative medals for all participants as well as promotional gadgets. Moreover, quizzes, games and a walk with a professional guide are also planned. Registration for the event will be possible on the day of the bike ride (before the trip) as long as the places are available (maximum number of participants – 300).

During the next day (18 September), participants will be able to obtain information about the Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 at a promotional stand located on the city beach.

Do not worry if you are not be able to go to Giżycko – one more bike ride is planned to take place! It will be held in Szczytno on the 25th of September, along with a grand opening of the cycle path in Dźwierzutac, which was created as part of the project ‘Development of cross-border tourism in Szczytno District and Svetlogorsk City District”. During this event, participants will receive attractive gadgets. There will be also organised a picnic. More information will soon be available on the following websites: https://powiatszczycienski.pl/ , https://projektpl-ru.powiatszczycienski.pl/

Participation in all the events is free of charge.

Do not hesitate! Join us!