Balkan Music Concert and Picnic - European Cooperation Day
Sep 21

Balkan Music Concert and Picnic

Kırklareli, Turkey
21 Sep - 21 Sep
13:00 - 18:00

The European Cooperation Day celebrations under the scope of Interreg– IPA CBC Bulgaria–Turkey Programme are set to take place in Inece, Kırklareli on 21st of September, 2021 with a Balkan music concert and folk dance show, under the motto “Music will cure us, let’s socialize again” under the patronage of the Directorate for EU Affairs.

The core goal of the event is to eliminate the isolating effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic that have been going on and damaging the social and economic lives of the local people. In this direction, people of the region will have an opportunity to come together again and enjoy a Balkan Musics concert that will be performed by Suheyla & Blues of Rumeli group, consisting of musicians from the region, in accordance with the motto of the event “Music will cure us, let’s socialize again”.

The Balkan music concert will take place at the Inece Picnic Area, where a concert stage was procured by the Inece Municipality under the project no. 1-167 of Interreg IPA Bulgaria-Turkey CBC Programme.  In addition to the concert, a live folk dance show will be organized by Kırklareli Municipality, including streaming recorded shows of Bulgarian folk dance groups on a large projector screen. The event will also include playing the promotional videos of the project no. 2-059 from both sides of the border .

The participants will be enjoying a picnic, respecting the social distance rules, while listening to the concert. Also, refreshment drinks and snacks will be provided to the participants as a part of the picnic activity. The participants will also receive information and promotional materials including hats, t-shirts, and Covid-19 masks in the venue of the event.

The whole event will be streamed online by over the internet, since there will not be any participants from Bulgaria due to travel restrictions imposed within the context of Covid-19 pandemic.

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